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Growing God Farm Screenshot.png
Dear Friends:
Inspired by the children's book Growing God, we have been busy tending to the Growing God Farm, a virtual experience inviting and sharing SOWER PROJECTS by clicking on the barn doors.
What's a Sower Project? 
It's an opportunity to do something nice for others and share God's love while growing God in others. The project can be BIG and involve your community, school, or church, or your project might be a kind act offered to another person. YOU decide. 
Do you have a Sower Project you'd like to share?
Please email us at and share your project. We will add it behind one of the doors on the Growing God Farm so your kind act can inspire others. If you click the COW on the barn door, you will find an example of a SOWER PROJECT. 
Now that the farm is open, we would love to hear from you!

Karen Kiefer
Author, Growing God & Drawing God
Director, The Church in the 21st Century Center, Boston College
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