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About Growing God

The story

Growing God

When Emma returns home from spending school vacation on Nana's farm — a place where Nana says she “grows God” — Emma is inspired to try to grow God, too. Emma knows that she must be patient and believe, but she soon realizes that planting seeds and growing God is hard work! Join Emma as she cares for God's creation, and finds out how a seed of opportunity can grow into something amazing.

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The author

Karen Kiefer

Karen Kiefer is the Director of the Church in the 21st Century Center at Boston College. A catechist for over two decades, she has also served as an adjunct faculty member in the Communication Department at Boston College. Kiefer is the author of Drawing God, and lives near Boston with her husband, Sam, and their four daughters.

The illustrator

Kathy De Wit

Kathy De Wit is an illustrator and art teacher in Belgium. Her work has appeared in many publications, exhibitions, storefronts, and books, including Drawing God. She lives in Flanders with her Peruvian husband and twin daughters.

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